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How Does a Submersible Sump Pump Work?

Summary:  In this article we attempt to answer the question of "how does a submersible sump pump work".  Read on as we describe the features and function of this type of sump pump.

A submersible sump pump happens to work much like its moniker. It is submersible in watery conditions and is able to withstand being in continuous water. The way submersible pumps work is they have an electrically run motor which is submersible in construction. The motor operates an impeller device that spurts water out in a ray-like pattern. The submersible pump contains a visual sensor that can tell when water is present in order to start the pumping process. The visual sensor is positioned at the place where water runs beyond normal levels. A delay mechanism allows the pump to work in a manner that allows the pump to dispense water before pumping additional water through. This protects the functioning of the motor so it doesn't burn out.

flotec submersible sump pumpA submersible pump is sequestered off so water will not flow into the motor. Most are about one foot in height and works by sitting in a sump beneath water while operating. A submersible pump may cost more than other sump pumps on the market but they make far less noise.

Maintenance is key to proper functioning of most submersible sump pumps. It is very important to quarterly and for some points of maintenance annually check the pump. checks electrical chords to ensure they haven't split or become damaged   during winter conditions. Also, every few months it is a good idea to clear the pump of debris to ensure the pump doesn't become clogged up. Vent holes (located at the pump's bottom) should be checked to free them of air. If air gets caught in the vent it will prevent an air lock that keeps the pump from running. Using a wire to place in the vent hole is sufficient to disengage any air pocket that may have formed. At least yearly the submersible sump pump needs to be checked for proper functioning.  Water needs to be put into the sump a few times to make sure the pump is running right. The pump should kick on when the water becomes close to 1 foot deep, and will stop when the water level diminishes to about 3 inches.

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