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How to Repair a Sump Pump, Just a Few Tiny Things Might be Wrong

The dilemma a homeowner faces as to whether to replace or repair a sump pump can be confusing at best. Most sump pumps have a few mechanisms that can go out on the pump. Sometimes it's just a simple matter to repair the mechanisms as opposed to replacing the entire sump pump. Plus it saves alot of money to repair the pump. 

Tips on How to Repair a Sump Pump

The most typical sump pump problems that require restoration are float trigger issues. Float triggers can wear out or get caught on dirt or other material. It’s important to check the pump for clogs periodically to ensure that the float trigger is functioning properly. The float trigger can be replaced if that is the problem. Most hardware stores sell kits to restore them. Also every few months test the pump by placing water into the sump to make sure that the float is being triggered when water surrounds it.

Valves can have air in them. This causes the valves to lock up so it's very important to fix this right away. The valves ensure that water doesn't reverse flow into the sump.  Failure of the main pump means the sump pump will have to be replaced. The typical running life of a sump pump is about a decade or a little less. Sometimes they become corroded or rusted if it's a submersible sump pump from being in constant contact with water.

Clogs are fairly common, so checking the sump pump for sludge and floating debris is very important. If allowed to accumulate, debris can mess with the other mechanisms of the sump pump. It's imperative to take out the screen and clean it.

Also, if trying everything with the pump to get it to run and it doesn't it may be necessary to check the electrical system. Perhaps a plug has burned out or worse maybe the entire electrical system. It is of the utmost importance to unplug the sump pump when doing any kind of electrical work to it.

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