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Sump Pump Backup Systems Bail Homeowners Out During Flooding

Summary:  Because sump pumps can clog or malfunction, p lacing sump pump backup systems can make all the difference in the world between a flooded or dry basement. Read on to learn more.

The installation of sump pump backup systems is not a want it is a need. Basements are great spaces for added storage. But, the nightmare of a possible sump pump clog or malfunction may make homeowners reluctant to fully utilize this extra space to its potential. Also, many insurance companies will not approve claims for flooding caused by ground water. Placing a sump pump backup system can make all the difference in the world between a flooded or dry basement. The typical culprit of sump issues arise from fractured foundations, loss of power, and sump clogs or malfunctions.

Sump backup systems are most popular in the form of battery backup sump pump systems. These backups implement the use of a wet cell battery or a dry cell battery that require periodic recharging. Often battery backup systems include an alert system that will automatically come on when there is a system issue or maintenance is required. Wet cell batteries require upkeep every so often. A dry battery can keep the system going for a limit of ten hours usually when most issues arise.

Also, there are water generated backup systems that utilize water pressure as a catalyst for operation. Since the system uses water to bail the primary sump system the force of the water clears out the excess water. This type of system has no internal mechanisms or parts that can eventually go out. It also can run an unlimited amount of time during loss of electricity as long as the city water is still on.

Many manufacturers of backup sump systems recommend locating the backup system outside of the sump pump pit. The reason for the recommendation is because degeneration of the primary system can cause dirt, salt water, and corrosive materials to eat away at the backup system as well. A good rule of thumb for a sump backup system is to place it on the ceiling above the primary sump system for best results.


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