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The Fundamentals of the Sump Pump Check Valve

Summary:  A sump pump check valve is an important part of your sump pump as it keeps the water from going back into the sump pump basin once the pump is turned off.

If you have a home with a basement, then you’re most likely aware of the problem on flooding. Because your basement, or any basement for that matter, is below ground level, water will naturally accrue in the deepest part of a structure. In this case, your basement. Most homeowners install a sump pump and business owners install an industrial sump pump to get the accumulated water out of the basement. Sump pumps require little maintenance but can get into a state of disrepair like any object. One of the things that you will have to check regularly is your sump pump check valve.

Sump pumps are a good idea because it it’s a preventive device that stops your structure from going into an instant hazard zone in case of a flooding. Most homeowners can install the pump themselves but you will have to remember that it can be backbreaking work. If you’re not sure how to install one, you will have to set aside a number of hours to make sure you get it right. A professional service can also do the work for you but at a much higher price.

sump pump check valveIf you find yourself in a situation where your sump pump isn’t working optimally, you will need to diagnose the problem carefully. You will have to start to unplug your sump pump from your electrical system. Water plus electricity will equal to electrocution. Just in case, put on rubber boots if you have a pair. Safety is always first.


Sump Pump Check Valve Diagnosis

To diagnose a sump pump check valve problem, you will have to measure the drain pipe and buy a valve that is no smaller than your pipe. It is a good idea to bring a part of the pipe to the hardware store if you’re not sure about the size of the valve that you need to replace.

You might have to buy an adapter or coupling to fit your pump and the drain. After which, you can install your new valve making sure that the direction-of-flow arrow is facing the other way of the pump.

Sump pump check valves are an important part of your sump pump as it keeps the water from going back into the sump pump basin once the pump is turned off. You might have to clean the sump pump from any dirt residue that it might have accumulated over time. This will ensure that your sump pump is working at an optimal level.

Remember that while a sump pump will flush out the water in your basement, you will also have to check your outdoor plumbing so that the entire burden is not on your indoor sump pump. Most problems with flooding are the result of an oversight of the outdoor components so be sure that your drainage is working properly. Your sump pump check valve will be saved from excess wear and tear if you have you spare the time to fully assess your plumbing.

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